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. no nonsense. just people sense. >>> accused former penn state coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers on tuesday. that's when a preliminary evidence hearing is scheduled on the dozens of charges he molested ten young boys but today there's new information about a financial connection between board members of sandusky's charity and a governor of pennsylvania's election campaign. cnn contributor and reporter for the pat news co-wrote the article. so sarah, it is good to see you. what did you find out? >> he accepted more than $25,000 in campaign contributiones from second mile board members and that included a fund-raiser from the board chair who held a fund-raiser at his home in january 2010 for the governor for his campaign np. now today he is defending all of that, saying, it would have looked political if he had charged sandusky at the time. it would have looked political if he waited. so it is a lose/lose situation for him and he is defending hit situation saying he didn't want to give that money back or refuse it because that would give away that jerry sandusky was under
and distraught, why jerry sandusky is now calling himself a victim. >>> also, paradise interrupted, the newest tourist attract in hawaii. >>> numbers down just a little bit here. plenty of 50s across the east bay and still holding on to 60 in east bay and san jose. it will go down yet again tonight. und aaralk about our totalan eclipse and a few weekend showers in a few minutes. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. >>> jerry sandusky will come face to face with his accusers in court tuesday. more allegations of abuse continues to surround the pennsylvania penn state coordinator. his family is also responding to an accusation sandusky's wife knew about one attack and did nothing to stop the abuse. nbc's jan grey has the latest. >> reporter: we're getting a better idea of sandusky's reac
.../ against... formmr ...penn sttte coachh../ jerry sandusky..../// sandusky.....//ááoneáá of... his... accusers ...says.../ 3 screamed ...for help.../ when... e was .../ being ... abused...// in... sandusky's hhmm... / mrs. saaduuky... wws.../ upstairs...//. áánowáá there... are questionn .../ whether.../ mrs. & sandusky.../ could áalsoá... face chaages. -3 3 3 jividen says::11 "iffthey -&pcould provv that she knew about the child abuss and didn't report it, they would have a case for endangering 20amendola says: 1 "i think pte attorney ggneral's offiie would bb hard pressed trrinn pto pursue some sort of & criminal accioo against dottie in the absence f aay direct proof." 8 3 dorothy sanduuky... pdenies... she heard scceams....// ááheráá... huubands... out... on bail.../ ááandáá... is... duee.. baak in court... / next week. 3 3 3 calls
jerry sandusky and how much his wife knewitant, but jerry sandusky's lawyer is saying that the damage has been done. >> we have no where to go, folks, but up, because public opinion convicted jerry sandusky. >> he is under house arrest. he returns to court on tuesday to face 50 counts of child sex abuse. several abusers are expected to tiff at the hearing. jerry sandusky is saying all of the accusations are false. >>> year and a day, that's how long the wife that the johnson will send in prison. she was sentenced for trying to cover up her husband's corruption. >> reporter: the judge said that lessee johnson knew this was tainted money. now, she is going to prison. he rushed into court and left with a one year one day prison sentence for hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars that jack johnson extorled from developers. here he is taking a bribe on camera. the case against ms. johnson was based on this year tam as the fbi raided her home. >> what do you want me to do with this money. they are banging. >> put it in your panties and walkout of the house. >> reporter: the judge did not
in this year's popular uprising in yemen. >>> jerry sandusky now faces more than 50 charges of sexually abusing children. and one of our legal guys says the former penn state coach's wife should be indicted as well. the latest from penn state live with our legal experts. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. [ electronic beeping ] [ male announcer ] still getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. >>> volunteers across the country are spending this saturday at military and veterans cemeteries. they are helping lay holiday wreaths on the headstones of fallen service members. volunteers at arlington national cemetery got an early start this morning when trucks filled with donated wreaths arrived there and placing 100,000 wreaths at arlg thon. let's go now to cnn's athena jones. she is there and has
scandal. the intensifying focus on jerry sandusky's wife. did she know about the alleged abuse and could she be prosecuted? her husband's lawyer is speaking out. abc's t.j. winick is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. he may be free on bail but jerry sandusky is under house arrest with three days before he faces his accusers in a pennsylvania courtroom. his attorney told us it will be extremely stressful for the former football coach, whose wife may also now have to answer serious questions about what she knew and when. it was dottie sandusky who bailed out her husband of 45 years after jerry sandusky was charged with sexually abusing two more boys from his second mile foundation. his attorney visited him and admitted this is an uphill battle. >> this is the legal battle of my life. i've had some big ones. i compare this to climbing mt. everest from the bottom. >> reporter: mrs. sandusky is accused of being upsnars their state college ranch-style home all while her husband allegedly molested boys in a basement bedroom. victim number nine told the grand jury, he saw dot
grabbed jury report raising questions how much the wife of jerry sandusky about the alleged sexual abuse of boys one of a jerry sandusky accuser said his wife dottie sandusky was home when he was being abused by the former penn state football coach in a basement bedroom of the house. accuser says he screamed for help while she was home but she never came to his rescue meanwhile the attorney says client is looking forward to meeting accusers in court next tuesday for a preliminary hearing. it >> looking forward to this in the sense he wants to see what the young man said in a court of law under oath while we are there with the ability to cross- examine that >> after more than a month of silence dottie sandusky for guest today says husband is innocent of all leckies nations facing more than 50 charges from 10 young men who say he molested them when they were children. still to come in and back on his feet due to surgical procedure for heart surgery and that meet this advertising poke fun at special way to help a group of talented chicago. tonight's medical watch story of a patient would
'm betty nguyen in for rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. >>> jerry sandusky's wife could also be charged because she allegedly did not stop him. >>> also in explosive new charges, the president of the amateur union is being charged with abusing two athletes. >>> first, though, we begin with the republican race for the white house. with the clock ticking down on the iowa caucuses, the candidates meet tonight in des moines for another debate. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds is there with details. good morning, dean. >> reporter: good morning, betty. well, every time the candidates engage each other is important, but now with the caucuses barely three weeks away, tonight's debate could be critical. for the front-runner and everyone else. before he can get much enjoyment out of his position at the head of the republican pact, newt gingrich is drawing fire. >> there is the 37 million dollars gingrich took from health and industry groups. >> reporter: his veneer of inevitability is gone and mitt romney is teaming up with supporters to bring gingrich back to earth. romn
leading to more charges. former football coach jerry sandusky was rearrested and jailed on new sex abuse charges brought by two accusers and sandusky is now out on bail. he had a kind of a weird interview with the new york times in which he talked about his case. after that, and after the bob costas interview on nbc, i'm wondering should he just shut up? is he doing himself any favors by making these media appearances? >> oh, he's really not convincing anyone he's innocent, the strangest interviews. >> not only shut up, no one should give him-- >> he seems happy enough to say, look, i'm kind of guilty, on tv when you listen to him talk. am i attracted to boys, oh, well-- >> if that's not half a confession, what is it? >> unlike former governor corzine, this is a situation the man should listen to his lawyers and shut up, don't speak, don't speak. >> there are jurors who are going to have to hear this case after all. >> i'm telling you, i'm not rooting for him to succeed in beating the rap. >> i'm perfectly happy with a horrible media strategy and anything else. >> when we come back from
the athletic world. it started with charges against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. dottie sandusky said this week, his wife she continues to believe in the innocence of her husband. jerry sandusky has not been tried yet, but it's not unusual for abusers' families to remain in denial, even after the alleged abuser has been convicted. this next story may not be appropriate for all audience, cnn julie peterson spoke with one sexual predator's ex-wife. >> he was arrested for soliciting minors on the internet. >> reporter: jane's nightmare started eight years ago with a phone call from her husband from jail. he was arrested for meeting a young girl but instead of a young girl it was the fbi. we changed her name and hidden her face because she wants to protect her daughters. designee spent 18 months in a federal prison. and then six weeks in a halfway house after that. >> reporter: and you stuck with him, didn't you? >> i did. >> reporter: why? >> i was terrified of being alone. i had a 10-year-old child, and a 1-year-old at the time of his arrest. and no job. i was a st
. >>> allegations against a former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky had put a spotlight on child sexual abuse cases. do you know how many cases are reported each year? 20,000? 50,000? 80,000? perhaps 100,000? we'll have the answer after this. ll getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. it works. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> before the break we asked how many child sexual abuse cases are reported each year. according to the american academy of child and adolescent psychiatry the answer is 80,000. the number of unre
complex in north carolina. >>> tonight there is growing scrutiny about jerry sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys and how much his wife knew about the attacks. but his lawyers say the damage to their family is already done. >> we have nowhere to go, folks but up because public opinion convicted jerry on november 5th. >> the former penn state assistant coach is on house arrest. he returns to court tuesday to face 50 counts of child sexual abuse. several accusers are expected to testify. dottie sandusky says all the accusations are false. >>> renewed hope about the faith of a retired fbi agent held hostage in iran. after four years of no news, his family had nearly given up. but tonight, they share the only clue that bob levinson could be alive. this video shows robert levinson a retired fbi agent who disappeared inside iran. >> i have been treated well. i need the help of the united states government to answer the requests of the group that has held me for three-and-a-half years. >> reporter: his family is releasing the tape it received last november and levinson's son david is sendi
and burger company had a marketing relationship which they don't. >> the attorney for jerry sandusky spoke out telling about how he and his wife are feeling. >> they are angry, confused, distraught, depressed, they don't know why these kid's have made those accusations. they say they didn't happen. >> reporter: sandusky was released and is wearing a monitoring bracelet. a hearing set for next week at which time a judge will determine if there is enough evidence to hold him for a trial on 52 counts of molestation. >> it'll be a challenge to convince 12 people that he didn't do any of this. that's the goal and we will work to try to do that. >> reporter: he has denied all allegations against him. >>> state corrections officers are planning to convert a women's prison to hold male inmates to try to help over crowding. the plan calls for 3200 inmates at the valley state prison for women to be relocated or released. it'll then be used to hold men. it would help the state comply with a court order to reduce over crowding. >> there is new evidence, gingrich has gotten his solid lead in the rac
. >>> on tuesday jerry sandusky will have a preliminary hearing on the child sex abuse charges against him. and there are plenty of people wanting to be in that courtroom. more than 1300 people put their name into a lottery to determine who will get to sit in the 100 seats at the center county courthouse in pennsylvania. half of the courtroom seats are going to members of the media. the court sent emails notifying the lottery winners that they will get to sit in on the hearing tuesday morning. >>> a former assistant principal caught with child pornography will spend the next five years behind bars. 29-year-old joshua myers got the minimum sentence allowed under federal law. quite a bit less than what prosecutors had requested. myers was an assistant principal at greenville elementary school. he was arrested in june after undercover officers caught him trading child porn over the internet. he pleaded guilty in september. >>> a jury is sentenced a second man to death for his role in a deadly home invasion in connecticut. 31-year-old joshua komisijefsyk was convicted in the murders-the only s
against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky have many people telling their own stories about sexual abuse. julie peterson talked with a woman who was molested in her childhood home. >> married a year and a half -- college gradate, heidi, likes letter life. not even her hearing impairment gets in the way. but the 26-year-old has a devastating past. for several years, beginning at 8 years old, she said she quietly suffered sexual abuse by her step father. >> just like in every other incident, i just -- closed my eyes and the only thing that i could think or say in my mind was, jesus, jesus. even they he didn't take state n satan away right there, i knew he would get me through it. >>> at 21, her stepfather tried to abuse her again. this time she told someone. a coworker. her stepfather, a police officer, was convicted of child molestation in 2007. he is in prison serving a 40-year term. kevin mcmurray prosecuted the case. >> why was heidi's case hard to prosecute? >> it was particularly hard because of the age of the allegations. we didn't have the ability to go b
state coach.../ jerry sandusky..../// sanddsky....///ááoneeá f... is... accusers ...sayy.../ ááheáá whhnn.. he was ..// being ... bused...// in... sandussy'ss home... / ááknowingáá... upstairs...//. áánowáá... there's... questions...// - whether....mrs. sandusky .../ 3 face chargee. &p jividen says: 11 "if they could prove that she knew & about the child abuse nd didn't report it, they would tte wellare of a chill." 20 20amendola sayy: 1 "i think the attorney general's office would beehard pressed trying 3 criminal action agaanst dottie in the aasence of any direct proof.. 8 -3 3 dorothy sandusky .../ denies... she.../ &p heard screams....// áááeráá... husband's.... out... on ii....due.../ back in court... áálast nnghtwaa a violent onein north... & p allimore.../ baltimore.../áá4áá áá44á peoole... are shot../ & á
duo. >>> out of me petition pennsylvania, jerry sandusky is going to appear in court on tuesday. he faces more than 60 charges of sexually molesting 10 young boys. what kind of strategy is his defense taking? what do you expect to happen? >> i expect it's a preliminary hearing. most defense attorneys waive is because they don't want to get an adversity publicity. the prosecution could put on witnesses, probably detectives to talk about the case. there will be an opportunity for cross-examination and that's it. i don't expect it to be a very long hearing because the publicity that comes with this, i think it's the worse it becomes. >> is that what you expect and he will cross-examine, put anybody else on the stand? >> i think the publicity cannot get any more adverse than it's already been. this is the only time that the defense attorney is going to perhaps cross-examine some of the alleged victims. because they don't have to talk to the defense if they don't want to. if he's going to have it at all, that should be the strategy. test these witnesses to see what kind of witnesses that
continue separate investigations as jerry sandusky and his attorney prepare for their first court hearing early next week. >> this is going to be a one-sided proceeding. this is going to be a proceeding where the commonwealth is going to call witnesses who are going to say, well, these orrivic things happened. >> sandusky has repeatedly denied abusing any child. a former nittany lion coordinator faces at least 50 counts in this ongoing child sexual assault case. >> jerry sandusky's first hearing is set for tuesday. let's get back to the aau allegations for a moment. i talked to a coach who says his group began to pull away from that organization a couple of years ago because of what he calls a, quote, lack of oversight, supervision and an absence of integrity. lester. >> jay gray, thank you very much. now here is amy. >> lester, thank you. >>> donald trump appears close to dashing his plan toes host a gop debate this morning as the republican field gets together in iowa later tonight. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house with all the of the details. mike, good morning. >> good mornin
assault case. >> jerry sandusky's first hearing is set for tuesday. let's get back to the aau allegations for a moment. i talked to a coach who says his group began to pull away from that organization a couple of years ago because of what he calls a, quote, lack of oversight, supervision and an absence of integrity. lester. >> jay gray, thank you very much. now here is amy. >> lester, thank you. >>> donald trump appears close to dashing his plan toes host a gop debate this morning as the republican field gets together in iowa later tonight. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house with all the of the details. mike, good morning. >> good morning to you, amy. with little more than three weeks to go before that first caucus, all eyes are on iowa and a debate scheduled for tonight. but all eyes are going to be on just two of them, mitt romney and newt gingerich. now trailing in the polls, mitt romney campaigned in iowa friday, stressing gop union city ahead of tonight's debate. >> i think there's seven or eight of us that have debated several times would do a better job as president than the
: that was the reaction to the penn state situation. the jerry sandusky situation. everyone suffice stumbled into that locker room or someone had come to me with a story the way someone came to joe paterno i would have done something. i would have raised and ended this. the reality is we have history with it. history of the holocaust and atrocities and genocides and a whole bunch of social scientific experiments and it turns out people don't interact. in the genevieve case not quite a clean case but she was the woman in queens that in the 50s was killed and the original story was 39 people saw it and nobody called the cops. .. but, in fact, this does happen all the time where people see something, and nobody calls the cops, nobody intervenes. a study i saw recently, i think it was done at penn state. they asked people suppose somebody made a sexist comment in your presence, would you raise a ruckus? and a big majority said, yes, i would say something immediately. and then the experimenters a couple hours or weeks later arranged for somebody to make a sexist comment in their presence, and the
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)

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